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The Upper Norwood Library Hub in association with local artist Martin Jessup brings the Crystal Palace Affordable Art Fayre into it’s inaugural year.

A hand picked collection of local artists will be showcasing works, large and small as well as offering pieces to suit all price ranges.

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Opening Times

Opening Party – Friday 29th November 19:00 – 22:30
With performances from The Tinmen, Cross Fire, Lewis Mckale

Saturday 10:00 – 18:00

Sunday 11:00 – 16:00



About the Artists:

Kelly Ireland was born in Sydney 1989, Kelly Ireland is an artist and illustrator living in South London. She graduated from Southampton Solent University in 2013 with a degree in Illustration. Taking a hiatus from art for a few years she has recently started creating again, showing her work at the Paxton Centre and the Brixton Urban Art Fair this year.
Influenced by her previous job as a gardener, she finds inspiration in the natural world, the portrayal of the human form and the relationship between the two.
Working primarily with ink and acrylic her works are highly stylised featuring exaggerated forms and extended, twisted limbs.
She uses line drawing to create in the moment and is interested in spontaneity and the possibilities it brings.

Alexander Barnett is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago’s Fine Art Department. His work plays with the notion of the subconscious and art as a mechanical act. Through impulsive associations, Alex creates works of art that become amalgamations of images, colour and design that dive deep into the complexities of the subconscious and its interconnected thoughts and ideas.

Anita Kutsarova is a London based artist, born in 1983 in Bulgaria where she studied Fashion Design and obtained BA in Fine Art. She took her first steps in the creative world in her early teenage years when she was fascinated by her mother’s creative work as a self- taught dressmaker of stunning garments. The source of her inspiration and artwork flows from her interests in textiles and constructing and deconstructing. Her creativity and curiosity, as well as the opportunity to work with a variety of materials, textures, forms and colours stimulated her to challenge herself and develop new ideas. Anita creative artwork represents an on-going exploration through variety of techniques and materials, it embodies her fascination with her constant search of innovative and unique effects, each piece beholds a story. She has exhibited in Europe and the UK and her work can be found in private collections internationally.

Corin Ashleigh Brown, Artist and photographer For many years defining myself as a photographer was a huge part of my identity. As I have grown as an artist, photography has gone through a major digital revolution and I have come to realise that what is more important to me as an artist is the handmade and the time it takes to make a piece. So in my 40’s I find myself coming full circle stepping back from digital and returning to my analogue roots, embracing a more tactile way of creating my prints through lino, woodcuts and in the long term through alternative photographic darkroom techniques.

My work on Tribal Masks and Dancers has been inspired by my life in Africa. I was born in Zimbabwe, at the age of 8 I moved to Johannesburg South Africa and I have been living in London since 2004. Recently I’ve found that living in London has created a sense of urgency to create works that celebrate the land of my birth.

For this years Affordable Art Fair I am showing my relief prints on Tribal Masks and Dancers. I feel the rawness of lino cut lends itself well to the theme. The characters perform their rituals in home-made costumes made from natural and easily available materials. I love how rudimentary lino cutting techniques have caught a sense of rhythm and helped me simplify these dancers to the basic lines and ultimately the simplest characters to portray their individuality and personality. It is a celebration of Africa, a celebration of chaos and a celebration of all that is culturally unknown to Westerners. It is a reminder to hold your culture and identity in the face of global homogenisation. I hope you enjoy the work.

David Wolverson. After a lifelong career in design, I retired to London and began to paint canvasses inspired by London and the South coast.

Matthew Hoare. Being able to express creativity in a free and abstract manner in parallel with a graphic design practice is liberating, says Matthew. Each feeds off the other but the use of paint and his technique here, is a deliberate and refreshing departure from the constraints of a design brief to a return to a boundless and very much ‘hands on’ experience. His latest series is entitled Impressions; One off acrylic mono prints inspired by how our senses can act as agent to creating mood, recalling memories and evoking abstract connections in unsuspecting and playful ways in response to viewing them.

Martin Jessup. Oil and Acrylic painting.

Elizabeth Knapp. I believe colour is the spice of life and make brightly coloured and shiny resin art, jewellery and other pieces. I also upcycle wooden items and furniture by decorating them in bright colours and patterns. I live on the Gipsy Hill side of Crystal Palace.

Emma Walker’s illustrations are amalgamations of domestic settings and artefacts within the home. The images often capture what is lost or nearly lost, recording objects that are deemed out of place or have been left behind or may lose their former significance.

Hidden within the layers of the pictures you may find a greek alphabet scribbled on a piece of paper left inside a book, a poem written by a loving Grandad, a hospital baby tag, a ticket from a steam train journey, old bobbins, a sticker from cherry picking in France, the signature of a five year old, hand embroidered girl guide badges, a child’s painting, a love note, a recipe on a scrap of paper, messages scribbled inside of book jackets, children’s heights recorded on a door frame. Many of the pictures have a story to tell. Look closely and you might find them…

Emma discovered illustration alongside a long career working as a Textile Artist for film, television and theatre, a career that has shaped her eye for design, form and colour . She uses hand and digital techniques which cross over into both disciplines.

Louise Galizia. Art has always played an important role in Louise’s life, even in primary school. Pursuing a career in design and eventually moving to focus on her filmmaking, she has often gone back to her love of painting to complement her creative work. At the age of 21 she was fortunate enough to be taught by Florence trained fine artist Jason Lu while in Malta, who taught her the disciplines in fine art that are still a fundamental part of her work today. When she moved to London her work in Film lead her to put aside her painting for a while, only to take it back up in the most recent years and attend London Fine arts School in Battersea. Since then she has actively pursued her art, focusing on landscapes and people that help her address the concept of identity.

Mike Conrad. Retired graphic designer.

Oana Gavrila. Being an artist was just a dream when I was a child and then life happened and I forgot about it until last year. Now my dream is not a dream anymore and I am doing what I was meant to. I live to paint and to create, this has now become my life and I enjoy every minute of it. I paint portraits in watercolour and acrylic and I also love mixing traditional painting with digital elements. Art is enabling me to be the best version of myself.

Philippa Fewster is born and bred in Crystal Palace, Philippa gained an HND in Graphic Design at Croydon College and went on to set up Pylon Design Consultants with her husband over 30 years ago. She has always turned her hand to various styles of illustration wherever a job has required it. Recently using linocut as a solution to a project, she found she really enjoyed the therapeutic process and loved its unique quality.

Victoria Kitchingman is a British artist living and working in London. With a background in illustration and animation Victoria’s focus switched in recent years to fine art and painting, and she now produces oil and mixed media paintings focussing largely on portraits and the female form.

Zoë Pencils, I’m a graphic artist who lives in London.
Abandoned shopping trolleys, suburban woodlands, exercise fads, food packaging, souvenirs, beauty regimes: my interests encompass the peculiar and the mundane. By picking apart familiar objects and cultural signifiers I explore both our aspirations and disappointments.

I’m currently working on a graphic novel which will feature my dog Crispin, a bedlington terrier with a super-sleuthing nose, alongside myself as a crime solving duo.

In addition to pencils, I use pens, paint and print.

Petra Hendrikse is a Dutch woman who has lived in South East London since 1985. The need to create has been something she has had since she was a child. Throughout her life she has spend many happy hours pottering about and has always been doodling even throughout meetings when she really should have taken minutes. She loves looking at the world with all it’s shapes and colours and these are the “dream landscapes ” she creates when she puts pen and paint on paper. Her shapes are organic, spontaneous and often her colours are bright. Over the years her doodles have become bigger and bolder and pieces of art in their own right. In the year she turned 50 she decided to take part in the SE20 art trail and show her work to the general public and ‘Doodle Dutchie’ was born. She has been experimenting and playing with different materials and techniques and therefore her work has become very varied. In this exhibition she is presenting her smaller work of ‘doodled’ people who want to come and say hello to the world and some of her ‘landscapes’ for the viewer to get lost in. Petra wants her art to inspire people and likes art to be accessible to all.

Liz Porter. I have been drawing all my life and use a variety of media, currently preferring to use pen and watercolour. Subject matters include landscape, urban sketching, life drawing and still life.