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October 16, 2019 @ 7:45 pm – 9:30 pm
Upper Norwood Library Hub
Crystal Palace Nutrition
Female Hormone Talk @ Upper Norwood Library Hub

Female Hormone Talk: a talk on perimenopause (suitable women 35+)

A talk on how hormones interact during perimenopause, what happens when they get out of balance, how to support them.

About this Event
Suitable for women from 35 onwards (but symptoms can start earlier).

Are you affected by mood swings, periods of lower energy, cravings, slumps in the afternoon, weight gain, difficulty losing weight, bloating, joint pains, irregular periods?

Perimenopause starts many years before menopause, usually when a woman hits her 40s, though it can start in her 30s and sometimes even earlier. It’s the time when the ovaries slowly begin to make less oestrogen. It’s often a rocky road to menopause and it can impact women in many different ways.

Crystal-Palace based registered Nutritional Therapists Karen Jones and Karine Stephan will discuss how your hormones interact at this time, what happens when they get out of balance and how to support them.

They will then share the latest evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle strategies, as well as herbs and supplements that women can use.

Come and join them for what should be an entertaining and informative evening!

Feedbacks from their last hormone talk:

“Great talk, very informative. I loved the science behind it – so much useful info!”

“Great venue and very thorough presentation.”

“So helpful, everything was very informative and really eye-opening.”

Please note places are limited.