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Melted Dice on Stage

Melted Dice on Stage

What is feminist punkulele? It’s political punk music played on a ukulele, of course!

In the current climate of Brexit, increasing racism and homophobia, and the #metoo movement, music as political protest is important now, more than ever! We’re a three-piece punk band – Melted Dice – and we’re made up of female and non-binary performers and artists. Our music consists of politically-inspired punk lyrics sung by a classically-trained mezzo-soprano, layered over a distortion-charged electric ukulele, feverish bass & propulsive drums.

For us, reaching out to local communities and sharing our feelings about the current climate is important. Our songs explore the dangers of capitalism; social oppression and discrimination, such as sexism, homophobia and mental health stigma; as well as providing a positive outlook, so that we can continue to fight oppression and discrimination. As individual performers and as a band we’ve played numerous LGBTQ and women’s shelter fundraisers, cabaret nights, festivals, rock and alternative venues…and now a library! Come along on 27th July to A Night of Big Music On Little Instruments at Upper Norwood Library Hub to see our next gig!

We’d love to hear from you. We can play sets for: alternative venues; punk, rock and anti-folk festivals; female-fronted events, as well as DIY, human rights, feminist and LGBTQ events and fundraisers. Get in touch via email:

Article by Bex River (Melted Dice)