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Hi my name is Marty and I have been running Life Drawing classes for the last 2 and a half years. Most of which have taken place at Upper Norwood Library Hub.

The evening is very relaxed, many of the people have been coming since the beginning and have got to know one another quite well. New people join up and see how everyone gets along and they too join in on the fun. Most have never drawn before and they can be a little nervous but this soon goes as the evening progresses. I play relaxing music in the class and this helps to settle everyone down.
Often the feedback I have suggests the time of 2 hours flies past quickly! We have a 10 minute break half time for tea and coffee and biscuits all supplied by me – although this 10 minute mid break rule often gets longer, but that’s part of the social evening.
We always have a look at each others work at the end and this also gives a chance to talk to the others too.

Finally at the end of the drawing session you are free to join me in the pub for a little drink before heading home.