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Put simply, elemental yoga harnesses the power of the elements through movement, meditation and breathing exercises.

It combines ancient practices such as Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Hatha Yoga to create a beautiful, healing experience where you can reconnect to your body and mind to establish a sense of growth and wellbeing.

It’s a beautiful wrapper to put around the practice of yoga. Through visualisation, different breathing practices and traditional asanas (yoga poses), we work on the specific organs that relate to the five elements. It can enhance the experience of yoga in a simple and powerful way. 

Each practice may be focussed on one or two of the five great elements: earth, water, fire, air and space. Through this we’ll work on the connected meridian lines that run through the body. By stimulating and clearing blockages in these energy channels, it can leave you feeling refreshed and balanced after each practice. 

It’s also a great way to create a different experience each time you return to the mat. We might practice heart-opening and connecting with our dharma (our purpose) through working with the fire element one week, and then take a balancing and restorative water-based practice another week. 

Through tuning in and listening to your body, and the different sensations that arise as you move through the postures, you can help connect with what might be going on with you emotionally or come to conclusions for any questions that have been hanging over you. 

So what are the five elements?

Earth is the element that helps us feel rooted and stable if we find we’re floating away or getting into a spin with the demands of everyday life. Focussing on the stomach and large intestine organs, we’ll work on the feet and legs to help build strength in our foundations. It’s the best way to feel grounded. 

Water is our most ‘yin’ element. As we’re made up of about 60% water, it’s important that we feel balanced in this element. Working on hip opening and forward bends, we unblock any tension held in the kidney and bladder meridian lines – a great practice to cleanse and purify your whole system. 

Fire is simultaneously the most creative and destructive element. It’s great for focus and reaching goals, but too much fire can cause inflammation in the body and pain. Here, we ignite the heat focussing on your heart and core to see what tending to your own fire can reveal about you. 

The element of air gives us freedom in movement. Exploring this element involves a flow-filled practice to enjoy exploring the power of your lungs and breathing. It’s a practice to ask yourself – ‘what do I need to let go?’ And then release what you no longer need with every exhale. 

Space is the element that helps us explore our possibilities and potential. As we open our bodies and let them take up space, we open up space in our minds and our hearts for new ideas to flow in. 

For more detail, take a look at the Rose Seeds Yoga website to explore how the different elements might relate to you.

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