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Experience Fallen Branches by Katie Lyons, a digital story that unfolds on your smartphone as you explore the park.

‘Sandy Fenton steps off the train from Somerset with an old bone in her backpack, and a wooden box with an oriental design on the lid containing three sheets of folded paper. Three sheets that hold the key to the missing Fenton family history. A lost letter, written in the shadow of the first world war, and a story of a love kindled here, beneath glittering panes and shimmering fountains.’

So walk with Sandy as she discovers the faded wonders of the park, and the fallen branches that link lives across the years.

StoryPlaces has created a collection of location-aware short stories inspired by the Crystal Palace to be read on-the-go on your smartphone around Crystal Palace Park. With Fallen Branches, we worked closely with author and performer Katie Lyons to create a digital interactive story that draws on the rich narrative layers of the park’s history, and links the exploration of the park with the unfolding of the story.

Follow the story – StoryPlaces is holding a reading event at the Upper Norwood Library Hub on 27th January 2018, 10am – 2pm.

  • Meet the project team over tea and coffee
  • Experience Fallen Branches for yourself in the park,
  • And join us for Lunch. If you are happy to do so, we would like to ask you about your experience and opinions of the Story Walk over lunch


Please be aware that you will need your own smartphone with mobile data enabled.




StoryPlaces is a Leverhulme-funded interdisciplinary research project at the University of Southampton (English and Electronics & Computer Science) that is exploring the technology and poetics of locative literature.


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