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Norvilles Coffee and the Library Hub presents the Great Christmas Creation Bake-Off Competition.

Entry Requirements are as followed:

Children to get involved in our first ever Christmas Bake-Off. All you need to do is make and bake your own inspired Christmas cake creation at home.

You have to be aged between 5 – 11 yrs to enter. Entries will be split into two age groups: 5-7 and 8-11.


To enter the competition please complete the online application form on the library hub webpage.

All entries have to be submitted by 27th November 2017, Competition day is on 3rd December 2017.


Bake Off Competition Rules:

All entries must be baked before being brought to the competition hall, at the library Hub. Baking categories are as followed:

Cakes – cakes may be single or multi-layered, circular or square in shape.

Cupcakes, Muffins – cupcakes, muffin, cakes baked in either cases or a tray.

Christmas logs, Novelty Cookies – Christmas logs, cookies baked in a tray.

Bake-Off Entry Rules

  •     Both inexperienced and experienced bakers are eligible to enter, but all baked goods must be made at home.
  •    Your entry must be homemade—no ready mixes or store-bought entries, please.
  •       You may enter only one baked item per category. If your entry fits more than one category, you must pick the category that you believe is the most suitable.
  •       If you really want to challenge yourself you may enter all categories, but each entry must be a different baked item.
  •      Your entry will be judged on taste, texture, and visual appeal.
  •      Do not cut your entry for tasting. The judges will do that.
  •      En Entries must be delivered and presented on a cake board or tray only.
  •      En Entries must be received and registered at Norvillés Coffee Shop, the Library Hub between 11 am and 1 pm on competition day. Your entry will be registered into one of the three categories.
  •     If a garish is used to decorate your creations, only edible garnish is acceptable.
  •      Oh! And, finally don’t forget you also need to submit either a typed or written copy of your recipe (including all ingredients used) for each item/s entered.


 All creations will be moved to another part of the library for judging. Judging is not open to the public, judging will take place away from contestants and visits, Cutting of entries for tasting will start at approximately 1.30 pm. Judging will finish at 2.30 pm when the votes will be collected. Each category will be judged by an independent judge (local food business owner). All Christmas Creations will be returned to the viewing area by 3 pm, the competition winner will be announced at 3.15.. The Christmas Creations will then be shared with all visitors in the building. The event closes at 4 15 pm, contestants can collect any items belonging to them at the close of the event.  


OK children, what’s next:

Well! we want you to have FUN, but we also want you to think about what your Christmas creation will look like, how will it taste. Remember your Christmas creation will be on display, at the library for visitors to view, photograph sample and talk about… The local media and possibly the local Major or a local celebrity (to be confirmed) will attend on the day?


So children:

Get inspired – what do you like most about baking? What bakey treat do you like to eat at Christmas think about what it means to you when planning your cake?


Get designing – what do you love about Christmas? Draw out what you plan the Christmas cakey creation to look like.


Get baking – make your Christmas creation and decorate it at home. Be careful when handling  any sharp object/s. Ask a grown up for help if you need to.


To enter the competition please complete the following application form and send it to