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Made From Plants presents Vegan Pop-Up Cafe in The Hub!

On 6th August, MfP will be at the library hub cafe space serving up a range of bakery bestsellers alongside nourishing, hearty salads and infused drinks. Included on the menu of comforting baked goods will be a “sausage” roll filled with a mix of oats, nuts, seeds and herbs (a big winner with kids!); pesto buns made from house-made walnut pesto, fresh and sundried tomatoes, vegan cheese and olives baked in multiseed dough; and a “quiche” style tart consisting of spinach, mushroom, tomato and tofu baked in a house-made gluten free oat and almond flour crust.

As if that weren’t enough we are also offering a plant-based parenting drop in:

“Don’t they need cow’s milk for their bones?” “What about protein?” “I don’t want to deprive/impose my views on my child”. These are just some of the common misconceptions and concerns around raising children on a diet absent of animal foods. We want to help dispel these! Made from Plant’s Davina will be available at the pop-up cafe to answer questions on how children can thrive on a more plant-based diet. As a mother of a very active, fast growing three year old, Davina is well-researched on this subject and keen to share tips and knowledge with other parents. Whether you’re vegan or not, please stop by if you feel you’d benefit from an informal chat on helping your child to enjoy more plant-based foods.