Volunteer at UNLH


Here at UNLH we welcome the opportunity to engage local residents in volunteering activities within the Library Hub.

We offer a warm, safe and welcoming environment for all volunteers.
You can volunteer only for a short time or join our long term team of volunteers.

Volunteering Opportunities:

1.     Digital Inclusion Tutor to provide basic computer and social media training to local residents.

2.     Maintenance Volunteers Help us clean and tidy up the parking area once a month or assist with repairs and maintenance in the building.

3.     Volunteer Hosts to support the front of house teams.  Hosts will help people borrow Things and connect them to activities and services in the library hub and beyond.

4.     Volunteer Reading Support to provide one to one communication and reading support to learners on our English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) programme. Reading supporters often commit to between 12 – 15 weeks to work with a learner.

5.     Cycling Volunteers to support our ‘Wonder Wheels’ project by assisting with cycle sessions, bicycle maintenance or leading group rides. This runs between April-September 2019.

If you are interested in volunteering at UNLH, please complete the form below.