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Upstairs (Main Room)

A large open area, 56x56 feet with high ceilings and good ventilation, this space is perfect for conferences, classes, courses or as an exhibition space and can hold up to 120 people.

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Upstairs (Lower Room – Out of hours use)

At 15x15 feet, this is a great area to be used for evening classes, meetings and other activities.


Training Room (Lower Basement)

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A newly decorated space designed to hold training sessions, courses and workshops, this room is 18x18 feet and can hold around 20 people.


Small Office Space (Lower Basement)

A flexible office space with 2 computers perfect for hot-desking, 121s or small meetings for 2-4 people.


Main area (Front of library – Out of hours use)

A bright and open area with beautifully refinished floors, this space is ideal for talks and other activities in the evenings. At 15x15 feet you can seat around 30 people.


Children’s Area (Rear of library – Out of hours use)

An open area for evening meetings and activities, at 18x8 feet this space is perfect for 35 people.

Upstairs (main room)

Upstairs (main room)

Lower basement (training room)

Main area (ground)

If you are looking for a modern open space to rent then please get in touch via the form below or call us on: 020 8670 4389